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Author Topic:   2020 Economic Adjustment: How Severe?
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04-24-2020 1:06 PM
Reply to: Message 30 by jar
04-24-2020 8:51 AM

Trump Party!
You're right! The big one is free!

We need to start having Trump Parties all across Trump Land with MAGA hats turned backwards so the visor won't block the rays, midriff tank tops (Stars and Bars) for the ladies, bare chested for the men and short short cut-offs for all.

To make sure they are good and cleansed by the rays everyone is advised to spend at least 4 hours in the light and to consume at least 2 - 4 oz cups of Trump Tonic before leaving.

Trump Tonic is one part EverClear, one part OJ and 3 parts Chlorox. Best if chugged.

Tickets $5 at the door. With Swastika - $3. Trump Tonic - $2.

All proceeds donated to Covid Union to reopen the Nation for Trump (CUNT).

Factio Republicana delenda est.

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 Message 30 by jar, posted 04-24-2020 8:51 AM jar has not yet responded

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04-24-2020 1:38 PM
Reply to: Message 30 by jar
04-24-2020 8:51 AM

Reality of new normal ... depends on workers
Kinda, sorta. The man is brilliant. We have a massive UV light generator that is freely available to everyone. It's super reliable and available worldwide. But when Governors tell folk to go ahead and swim and enjoy the UV generator he can say, "Sorry, you move too fast and did not follow the guidelines so all the damage will be YOUR fault."

He is a master of blaming someone else.

We have a situation where in the end an analysis will show

  1. Money given to big corporations and the 1%ers will be wasted, it will not boost the economy because they will put it all in their own pockets one way or another, halting the movement of that money (the economy is based on the movement of money, not the holding of it). They should be required to payback any/all economy boost money, the way the car companies had to payback the recovery loans from 2009. This also requires trackg where the money goes.
  2. This also includes loans to a lesser degree, that money moves until the loan is paid
  3. Grants to workers and small businesses (no payback) will do the lion's share of boosting the economy as this will result in the most movement of the money
  4. The economy depends on "essential workers" not CEO's, and that without the workers there is no economy.

This in turn will show the long term need for basic income, living wages and full support of ALL americans. poorest americans live paycheck to paycheck (if they even have a paycheck), often working 2 or more jobs to make ends meet. With a basic income workers can choose whether or not they want to work for the salary offered, not take poverty wage jobs because of family needs. With a basic income employers will need to offer what is needed to attract workers. In the current environment that means PPE and hazard pay for essential work.

It will show the need for universal healthcare, so that healthcare no longer causes bankruptcies, home foreclosures, and deaths. We need to get the infected off the streets and not have them hold back because they cannot pay hospital bill.

It is our job to make sure that this happens.


we are limited in our ability to understand
by our ability to understand
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 Message 30 by jar, posted 04-24-2020 8:51 AM jar has not yet responded

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