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Author Topic:   Login Problems
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05-19-2020 2:25 PM
Reply to: Message 6 by Tangle
05-18-2020 2:18 PM

I'd put kjsimons' suggestion above this one, but just an additional thought:

Perhaps the password change "pushed" the error through the system.

That is, once you changed the password, whatever was messing up is no longer present - maybe it was on your hardware/software side; maybe it was on Percy's software side; maybe a bit of both; maybe no actual "error" but more of just a strange "mis-alignment" - doesn't matter - it's gone now.

If this is correct - you should be able to change back to your preferred password and everything should be okay.

But - if there is an "offending character" as kjsimons suggests - this will not work.

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 Message 6 by Tangle, posted 05-18-2020 2:18 PM Tangle has taken no action

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