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Author Topic:   Biden Our Time: All things Joe Biden
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09-30-2020 8:50 AM

A Worthless Debate
It's settled. We have a cartoon character running this country.

That 9/29/2020 'debate' was an utter farce. Trump was even more Trump than usual (which is saying a lot), but his antics and continued interruptions just turned the whole thing into a sideshow. Wallace lost control pretty early on and didn't really quite recover.

Biden at least demonstrated that he could handle a 90 minute debate without issue. So I am hoping all those hyperbole attacks on him being senile will go away. But I wish he had been a little more forceful in his responses. He is generally soft spoken. But when you are dealing with a blowhard like Trump, it makes sense to be a little more vocal.

I have no idea how the next debate will turn out, but they need some better mechanism to keep the interruptions to a minimum. Not sure how to a achieve that. Maybe put both candidates in glass enclosures like they did in that TV Game Show 'Quiz Show'. Although knowing Trump, he would just bang on the glass and make faces, like the moronic gorilla that he is.

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