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Author Topic:   Biden Our Time: All things Joe Biden
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09-29-2020 2:29 PM

Simple Math for Good People
Based solely on preventable deaths in the US over the last year:

Failed response to coronavirus due to anti-science beliefs - 205,000 and counting.

Failure to implement universal health care - at least 68,000 (according to the most recent figures provided by the Yale study).

Failure to treat drug addiction as a medical rather than a criminal justice issue - approximately 30,000. Currently 72,000 die, largely due to personal misery caused by austerity. Some addicts are irredeemable, but I think from the experience of others around half can be successfully treated if dealt with humanely.

Trump and his cult (all current Republican officeholders) are complicit in the deaths of around 300,000 U.S. citizens.

Biden and his centrist supporters do not agree with medicare for all and consider drug addiction a moral failing which can only be addressed through incarceration.

So, the conclusion is:

Voting for Trump means 300,000 deaths.
Voting for Biden means 100,000 deaths.

Unfortunately the majority rejected Sanders, who supported zero unnecessary deaths. That is what I support, and that is how I vote when given the chance.

I am voting for Biden, not because I support him, but for reasons of simple harm reduction.

If you believe in potentially saving 200,000 lives annually, you may want to consider voting for Biden as well.

The problem with knowing everything is learning nothing.

If you don't know what you're doing, find someone who does, and do what they do.

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