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Author Topic:   Biden Our Time: All things Joe Biden
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07-26-2020 8:03 PM
Reply to: Message 59 by Hyroglyphx
07-25-2020 6:47 PM

Re: The enemy of my enemy IS my friend?
There is a caveat though, I suppose. And that is who Biden's team selects as his running mate. Because much like it was Cheney running the White House and not George Bush, that could conceivably happen. That might be the only thing to change this swing voter's mind.

Do you think it's time for Biden's team to officially name his running mate? Trump named Pence on 7-15-16. Hillary named Kaine on 7-22-16. The election that year was on November 8th, this year it will be November 3rd, so that's five days less from this date this year versus that year, to understand how that person will affect the "home stretch" in determining who the next president will be.

There's a better chance that this VP nominee WILL be running the White House either as president or behind-the-scenes fill in concerning Biden's age alone. I think it's time for the voters and analyzers to know who it is NOW.

The news media never criticizes or questions Biden about anything. Wouldn't it be nice if they'd pressure him to get this done? If he can't make this decision, how effective will he make time-sensitive decisions as president?

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