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Author Topic:   The Failure of Progressivism
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Message 46 of 47 (882787)
10-15-2020 1:43 PM
Reply to: Message 43 by AZPaul3
10-08-2020 6:59 PM

Re: Why?
AZPaul3 writes:

Why does the cop feel this way?

Cultural stereotypes, mainly.

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 Message 43 by AZPaul3, posted 10-08-2020 6:59 PM AZPaul3 has not yet responded

Posts: 8442
Joined: 03-06-2009
Member Rating: 6.4

Message 47 of 47 (882788)
10-15-2020 1:49 PM
Reply to: Message 44 by Hyroglyphx
10-09-2020 1:03 PM

Re: Oversimplification
Hyroglyphx writes:

If your only two metrics or variables are skin color and a specific outcome, then naturally that kind of oversimplification is only going to yield simplified results versus one that factors in multiple layers of nuance. But, you aren't stupid, you know that already...

I did state that it is a major problem, not the only one.

So is an unassuming, Morgan Freeman type of black man, driving a BMW in a 3-piece suit going to signal some kind of threat versus a white guy that looks like Chuck Liddell? Or how about a pregnant, black female that looks like Keri Washington driving a mini-van versus a white chick that has a tatted up neck and a confrontational attitude?

Demeanor, size, athleticism, attitude, shiftiness, mannerisms, etc are all context clues that every person picks up on, not just cops, when determining a threat assessment. Its 350 million of human evolution at play and just being "white" or just being "black" outside of the aforementioned variables doesn't tell the whole story.

I haven't heard of any unarmed tatted up white chicks being shot by police. Have you?

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 Message 44 by Hyroglyphx, posted 10-09-2020 1:03 PM Hyroglyphx has not yet responded

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