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Author Topic:   Broken Thinking Skills & Pointless Discussion
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09-24-2020 2:52 PM
Reply to: Message 37 by mike the wiz
09-14-2020 5:55 PM

To anyone actually willing to read the evolution-fairytale forum, like this debate board it is perhaps past it's best days. Perhaps Percy's theory of social media taking over peoples' interests is what is to blame.

But I would ask people to ACTUALLY READ EFF forum and READ what I specifically say rather than reading your report on it which comes across as 100% rhetorical spin.

I have done so. I have read different of your "essays" in the past. Phrase by phrase, line by line. You build your cases on severely flawed premisses and your conclusions don't even follow logically from these flawed premisses.

really, your writings don't stand a close scrutiny.
Some of you favorite ways of avoiding scrutiny is dodging questions and setting up smoke screens of word salad, just to hide the fact that you don't answer your interlocutor's remarks, questions etc.
On top of that you regularly distort your interlocutor's views and statements, even make up quotes out of nothing.

An example of MtW distorting the view of his interlocutor:
Volcanic Island Chains

More recently, MtW derailing a thread at his first post in that thread
the bible predicts
Her more dodging from Mike
Artificial Intelligence Is Only Simulation&
He cant even answer the first question of a thread he starts and derails it at the first critical question.

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Edited by driewerf, : No reason given.

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 Message 37 by mike the wiz, posted 09-14-2020 5:55 PM mike the wiz has not yet responded

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