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Author Topic:   See How They Run -- 2020
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Message 9 of 18 (882764)
10-09-2020 1:39 PM
Reply to: Message 5 by AZPaul3
10-08-2020 5:16 PM

Oh god. I shudder to think of the 2 1/2 months of presidential retribution we will suffer when he loses.

Won't even matter who wins or loses in terms to what is going to happen to the nation. Both sides have already stated, in so many words, that they won't concede defeat. Whatever controversy we saw with Gore/Bush, amplify that times a 1,000.

Speaking of which, he still has 3 weeks in which to start a foreign war for his domestic political purposes. Or how about getting some his proud boys to pull of small terrorist attack (a major attack against American values and freedoms) on, oh, pick a nice suburban spot with lots of liberals, trying to claim it's Al-Qaeda or something.

That almost already happened!

What a bunch morons... So what was the End Game? Hold her hostage and, what, torture her? For what insane purpose? What was that supposed to do except guarantee that you either get killed in a shootout with the feds or be imprisoned for a billion years?

And then, oh fuck, afterwards. Two and a half months! We're screwed.

The coronavirus lockdown, the tanking economy, the completely fractured relationship between Reps and Dems, the George Floyd murder, etc.... its a powder keg with a short fuse.

And for some bizarre reason even while knowing that China and Russia are doing whatever they can to further incite this, even knowing that they are a COMMON threat, we still won't figure out how to come together for a common good.

"Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it" -- Thomas Paine

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