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Author Topic:   Charlie Hebdo murder(s)
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10-17-2020 10:14 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Tangle
10-17-2020 3:53 AM

I find it hard to maintain a liberal attitude throughout all this. I have thoughts that I would regard as racist in others.

Ok. You're feeling abhorred, mad and vengeful. You're human.

Somehow we've allowed these primitive, alien and evil beliefs to exist inside 'our' own culture and been frightened to voice our opposition to them, allowing 'diversity' to prosper.

Yeah! And they're so different, too.

But in this case just WHO is trying to excuse this crap as a prospering of diversity?

Or is it the community that spawns the extremists that is being objected to?

You been at a kool-aid party lately?

Factio Republicana delenda est.
I am antifa.

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