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Author Topic:   2020 Election early voting and eventually results
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11-05-2020 5:57 PM

The Omaha district could make all the difference.
The difference between 269 and 270 electoral votes is the difference between the House giving the race to Trump, in the event of no candidate reaching 270, and a Biden win.

Nevada and Arizona will make 270.

Republicans have been trying hard to get rid of the split electoral vote thingy, and only for lack of being able to get a full two-thirds supermajority to end the legislative filibuster in Nebraska. A moderate Republican stopped the 33 to 16 vote to end it in Nebraska's legislature. He said he would not support ending the split electoral vote unless the Medicaid expansion was supported in return. Biden won the Omaha district, and It might make the difference. Only 32 members of the 49 seat unicameral legislature were in support.

Interesting Newsweek has a new article on the only African American member of the Nebraska legislature, namely the long serving Ernie Chambers. A super nice guy, he will help people personally who write to him about government abuses. A wh IU te friend of mine was abused terribly in prison, decades ago, and Chambers got him out early. My friend was a Lincoln resident, meaning Omaha's Ernie Chambers was helping a non constituent. Chambers told my friend to contact him again if he needed any help. He is a man of the people. He only wears a tee shirt, never a blazer. He walks out among the people and is always happy to return a stranger's greeting with a friendly "hey" or hellow.

Biden is winning the popular vote by 3.9 million votes nationally. A true blowout. He will get at least 270 electoral votes, but Nebraska 2 district could be the deciding vote if the minimalist victory is the eventual outcome.

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Edited by LamarkNewAge, : No reason given.

Posts: 1947
Joined: 12-22-2015
Member Rating: 1.2

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11-07-2020 1:58 AM

Joe Biden is a problem when he does not disown despicable people supporting him.
Now, understand that I am relieved Biden won, but I just saw that Cindy McCain was a supporter of his campaign.

The same lady that screamed loud pissy attacks, in 2008, accusing Obama of putting her active duty son's life in danger.

Why is it that Sanders could tell potential supporters, like Mike Bloomberg, to take their billions of dollar's in advertisement support and shove it, but Biden cannot do the same thing when a dangerous warmongering liar supports him?

Cindy McCain and her dangerous views should have no place in 2020 America, just like her racist husband should have no part in our world today.

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