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Author Topic:   President Elect Joseph Biden. 2021 and Beyond.
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11-29-2020 2:03 PM

Hispanics are supporting Republicans, in Georgia, if seems.
Trump only lost to Biden, among Hidpanics, 62 to 37 percent .

Perdue, only lost ( no pun intended) (Perdu means "lost" in French) Hispanic voters 52 to 43 against Ossoff.

I noticed the Georgia Hispanic trend back in 2018, and posted my concerns here at EvC.

My biggest fear is that the GOP could get a post Trump bump among Hispanics. I have lost my good wishes with Republicans , though I started my life as a liberal Republican, who generally never supported Republicans on too many issues. So I now don't want to see Republicans do well, unless they make as hard turn toward pro trade, pro immigration policies.

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