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Author Topic:   President Elect Joseph Biden. 2021 and Beyond.
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11-13-2020 2:15 PM

The Corruption Continues
Canadian politics are exactly the same as American politics in the general sense.
That is - whoever is in power does "some stuff" to appease those who voted them in... but all politicians (anyone at or near the Presidency or Prime Minister position) have been fairly corrupt for the last few decades.

Republican or Democrat.
Conservative or Liberal.
Trump or Biden or Obama.
Harper or Trudeau.

I don't see much of a difference in the overall "rich get richer" and "poor get poorer" scheme.
They all have their plans, and their scams and places to take our money and make it their money.

There's only one way to stop it.
When the corruption is uncovered - put the politician in jail.
Not necessarily forever, but at least a few years - and, of course, the length should differ on severity of "stealing from the country."

Every single one of the listed politicians above (and likely a lot more) deserve to go to jail at least for a few years for their white-collar crimes in dealing with the country's finances.

Without that... it doesn't matter who's in office.
Without that... Trump will not be the 'worst President' - that is still to come.
Without that... the corruption will continue.

Do that... put the corrupt politicians in jail... and the corruption disappears. Or, at least, becomes as minimal as possible.

I don't care about going into the past.
Although it would be cathartic... it doesn't really matter as long as it starts now or soon.

Visibility and accountability.

It's the only thing that will ever get either country moving towards "government for the people" again.

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