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Author Topic:   COVID vaccine works - we're saved!
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01-14-2022 9:46 AM

Porkncheese Suspension Rescinded
Concerning the Porkncheese suspension, as I slowly caught up in this thread, reading and responding as Percy, I expected to eventually see a warning from a moderator, then see Porkncheese ignore or spurn the warning in spectacular fashion, and then see a one week suspension. But there was no warning from any moderator, just a suspension.

Moderator guidelines strongly advise moderators to warn before acting. Because that didn't happen in this case I am rescinding Porkncheese's suspension.

Porkncheese, this is your warning. Please discuss the topic constructively, which includes making a sincere effort to support your position with factual information. Those sincerely interested in constructive discussion have little difficulty figuring out how to do it. There will be no babysitting from moderators.

As I am a participant I will not be moderating this thread. I am just stepping in in this one instance to correct our failure to follow our own moderator guidelines.

AbE: I found the warning in the Belief Versus The Scientific Method thread at Message 416, but it was not specific to any individual, and Porkncheese never posted in that thread after the warning, so I am still rescinding the suspension.

Edited by Admin, : AbE.

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