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Author Topic:   COVID vaccine works - we're saved!
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01-06-2021 6:52 PM
Reply to: Message 37 by Phat
01-04-2021 1:49 PM

Re: Throwing Luck and Chance Away
Phat writes:

still no real symptoms apart from the sore arm except for that brief feeling that my lungs were on fire...similar to how chronic bronchitis feels only worse. It only lasted that first night after I received the shot, however.

Got the first dose last week (Moderna), but didn't have any reaction in my airways. Sore arm and a bit of swelling at the injection site, a bit worse than a flu shot. The 2nd dose is supposed to elicit a stronger reaction, so we will see how that goes.

Overall, absolutely worth it. Optimism is suddenly becoming more infectious.

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05-06-2022 6:04 PM
Reply to: Message 412 by Percy
05-02-2022 8:25 AM

Re: Covid Continues to Mutate
Percy writes:
The last thing a respiratory virus wants to do is kill the host. A host that's no longer breathing is no longer seeding the air with virus spawn. So lethality is selected against. A host that is too sick to get out and about among other people is not very useful to the virus. Shut-aways or hospitalized people keep the virus from spreading. So making the host too sick is also selected against.
What a respiratory virus wants most is high transmissibility combined with minimal impact on the host. A highly infected but completely functioning host is the ideal. The best host is probably one who enjoys running in crowded subways. High transmissibility and minimal severity of illness are the selection pressures on covid variants. The most transmissible variant will have a strong tendency to displace all others. If it also causes the least severe illness then that would be the ideal outcome, both for the virus and for us.
We don't yet know the severity of illness caused by the new variants, but if selection pressures can dominate over random outcomes (not guaranteed) then there is reason for hope.
I also have high hopes that Covid will become domesticated if it circulates in the human population. What still concerns me is Covid hiding out in a non-human host for a while and then hopping back to humans. This could have been how we got the Omicron variant to begin with, although I think that hypothesis has fallen out of favor as of late. Whatever happened with Omicron, it was hiding out somewhere for a while and the jump in S gene mutations was a bit worrying.

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