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Author Topic:   COVID vaccine works - we're saved!
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From: NY USA
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09-10-2021 9:08 AM
Reply to: Message 132 by PaulK
09-09-2021 10:20 AM

Just because the Right has decided to support the virus doesn’t mean that the science isn’t being done

The virus and the vaccine do not have a political party. The right has made no such choice. I guess you forgot that Trump got all this under way.

Thanks for proving my point about this being political, thanks to people like you.

No, I did not “bypass your point”. I pointed out that the vaccine is saving lives and went on to point out relevant issues. The fact that vaccinated people are less likely to catch and spread the virus is relevant - that is not the case with Marek’s disease in chickens. I’ll grant that people shouldn’t take the vaccine as a license to return to pre-COVID behaviour - but that isn’t a problem with the vaccine.

Right now the unvaccinated are the major problem

And you bypassed my point.....again.

Well I’m glad you recognise that your opinions don’t deserve respect. And thank you for not inflicting them on us, even for a short while. I raised rational points against your argument and you just ignored them

No you haven't and you implied my motive, "that I want people to die". Stop lying.

The fact that you are scaremongering about the vaccine undercuts those assertions

Facts are not scaremongering. Are you incapable of factual discussion?

No, you are NOT near herd immunity. Herd immunity requires something in the range of 80-88% immune. (Wikipedia)
Only 60% of the total population of New York City is fully vaccinated (71% of adults) and rates are worse outside the city.

Spreading doubt about the vaccine will not help

Sorry, that's not what Fauci is preaching.
Dr. Fauci: How we'll know when we've reached herd immunity with Covid

We will never reach herd immunity, since the vaccine doesn't make you immune. You expect me to believe the people who have been lying to us for 2 years now? Let me go over some of the lies that I lived through in real time:
There is no person to person transmission
This did not come from a lab
We did not fund gain of function research
Herd immunity will stop Covid
18 days to flatten the curve
Wearing 1 disposable mask a week is ok

I can go on and on. Again, I remind you I am not anti-vax. I just want to be realistic. We are not saved.

I took the first shot of the vaccine and it almost killed me. Now it's mandated and my healthcare system won't write me an exemption (because of politcal bullshit). Everyone does not have to be vaccinated.

This whole pandemic has been nothing but one bad decision after another. Saying we are saved is a joke.

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 Message 132 by PaulK, posted 09-09-2021 10:20 AM PaulK has not yet responded

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09-10-2021 9:13 AM
Reply to: Message 135 by riVeRraT
09-10-2021 8:46 AM

The evolution of antibiotics and the evolution of vaccines are indeed similar. They are both synthesised by humans in the lab. Now the bug that's the center of all that attention is the beneficiary of real natural selection and, with that superior force, always stands the high ground in the fight.

You do know antibiotics and vaccines are man-made, right?

Eschew obfuscation. Habituate elucidation.

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 Message 135 by riVeRraT, posted 09-10-2021 8:46 AM riVeRraT has not yet responded

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From: NY USA
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09-10-2021 9:27 AM
Reply to: Message 134 by Percy
09-09-2021 5:59 PM

The data is unambiguous that the vaccine is saving lives. Of all people hospitalized with covid, less than 5% of those who die are vaccinated

You are also missing my point.

Then you have to man up when people note its ignorance

It's factual. Big pharma is making millions. I find it funny how liberals will bash big corporate driven by profit, yet ignore the profit of this vaccine. You should have more of an open mind and question everything.

Despite working in large facilities all my working life, I picked up remarkably little about the management and operations of large facilities. In the same way, a person will learn remarkably little about health and medical issues from working in facilities management at a health care facility.

Yes becuase people like yourself have trouble understanding the physical plant. However I am not afforded that same luxury in my job. I must understand certain things about health in order to do my job correctly, especially infection control. I have had to teach staff like you on several occasions what they are responsie for, and what I am.

Many people in many industries have been and still are being placed at risk. Nationally, extremely few elder care facilities were prepared to deal with a virus like covid. The virus swept through assisted living facilities and nursing homes everywhere all across the country. Nationally about 8% of residents died

Not once, but twice. The first time they refused to use the Javits center, and the hospital ship because that would make Trump look good. The second time, there was no excuse at all, they should have been prepared for the second wave that they themselves were predicting.

The politics game being played now is killing people.

This was never said by anyone knowledgable. What is true is that if everyone around the world masked up for real for a month it would not just flatten the curve but put an industrial sized dent in it. And herd immunity, which given the delta variant could be somewhere north of 85%, would make any region relatively safe until invaded by hardier variants.

Fauci is not knowledgable?

I agree with you here, but it will never be a reality. The world is not capable of quarantining. I knew this from the start. If we get a real dangerous virus, we are all dead.

And since there was never enough vaccine for the world, the more virulent delta strain has made the situation even worse

Yep, and the virus will continue to evolve. Let's hope it won't get worse. It is a very real possibility that vaccines will make it worse.

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 Message 134 by Percy, posted 09-09-2021 5:59 PM Percy has responded

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Message 139 of 143 (888219)
09-10-2021 9:54 AM

A touch of reality from Hidalgo County Texas
A touch of Reality from yesterday in Hidalgo County Tx:

356 New Covid-19 cases:
15 more deaths:

0-11 age: 96 kids
12-19 kids: 65
20's: 48
30's: 47
40's: 44
50's: 21
60 and older: 35

So 300 Covid Cases in the younger kids and adults and 56 Covid Cases in the 50 and over segment.

It's pretty clear from the numbers that our modern intelligent youth are capable of taking care of themselves and so no masking or vaccination requirements could be warranted.

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 Message 141 by anglagard, posted 09-10-2021 9:12 PM jar has not yet responded

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Message 140 of 143 (888259)
09-10-2021 5:00 PM
Reply to: Message 138 by riVeRraT
09-10-2021 9:27 AM

I think a discussion between you and LamarkNewAge would be a real hoot.


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 Message 138 by riVeRraT, posted 09-10-2021 9:27 AM riVeRraT has not yet responded

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Message 141 of 143 (888266)
09-10-2021 9:12 PM
Reply to: Message 139 by jar
09-10-2021 9:54 AM

Re: A touch of reality from Hidalgo County Texas
I don't have an age an break down but for the last week new cases in Socorro county are 6 and deaths are 0 as has been the case for the last several months.

Texas sucks plain and simple, if the virus don't kill you, the lack of heat a/c will.

The problem with knowing everything is learning nothing.

If you don't know what you're doing, find someone who does, and do what they do.

Republican = death

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 Message 139 by jar, posted 09-10-2021 9:54 AM jar has not yet responded

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Message 142 of 143 (888286)
09-11-2021 3:56 AM
Reply to: Message 138 by riVeRraT
09-10-2021 9:27 AM

It is a very real possibility that vaccines will make it worse.

Just like the flu vaccines have made things worse for the past 75 years or so. Oh, wait.....

Could there be any greater conceit, than for someone to believe that the universe has to be simple enough for them to be able to understand it ?

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 Message 138 by riVeRraT, posted 09-10-2021 9:27 AM riVeRraT has not yet responded

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 Message 143 by AZPaul3, posted 09-11-2021 4:31 AM vimesey has not yet responded

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Message 143 of 143 (888289)
09-11-2021 4:31 AM
Reply to: Message 142 by vimesey
09-11-2021 3:56 AM

But that's what riVerRat is going on about. We have to take flu vaccines every year because every time you get a flu shot the flu goes into evolution mode and changes inside your cells into a meaner badder virus that goes out into the world to infect people next year.

Since this can happen in about 0.01x10really big negative number of cases we gotta STOP the damage by not vaccinating the 99.99999+-∞% that will benefit by staying alive.

And you can't treat a virus with antibiotics because that makes the virus go into evolution mode too.

So the best thing one can do for a flu is to do the Trump thing and drink horse de-wormer and stick an ultra-violet bulb in your rectum.

Eschew obfuscation. Habituate elucidation.

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 Message 142 by vimesey, posted 09-11-2021 3:56 AM vimesey has not yet responded

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