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Author Topic:   Power went off
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02-19-2021 4:38 AM

Conditions north of the big lake
As of ~3:15 am in Two Harbors, MN, it's about +5 degrees F. Which is about at least 20 degrees warmer than it was a few days ago. Downright pleasant outside. My thermometer is exposed to the daytime sun, so I don't get accurate readings during the day, but I believe we went a few days with daytime highs being sub zero (F).

I live more inland which is somewhat colder. My personal recorded low a few days back (when my electronic outdoor thermometer miraculously kept working) was - 29 degrees F. They were hitting -40's elsewhere in northern Minnesota.

I live in a little well insulated single room building, off grid with solar panels and with wood and propane heat. When it was well sub zero I could tell that the propane wasn't vaporizing as well, but my draw from the tank is so low it didn't interrupt the heater.

I talked to a friend earlier tonight, and he brought up the concept of all the northern snowbirds (people who go south (eg Texas) for the winter) must be wishing they were back in Minnesota where a little cold is no problem.

I though of those who might have thought that hell will freeze over if the Democrats will take control of the Senate. As I see it, Texas is close enough.


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