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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Anti-theist
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04-20-2021 1:13 PM
Reply to: Message 306 by Phat
04-20-2021 5:21 AM

Re: What does the evidence show Phat?
How would you explain an experience of mine? Back about 1969 I was riding around Bentonville, Arkansas with my friends. (That was the main activity for big kids in that place back then). We had already circled the Dairy-O, so we went out to the bowling alley instead of recircling. It was a weekend night, it was pretty weather, and I knew it would be really noisy in there. So I elected to sit in the car.
I sat for a while, watching the cars southbound on Highway 71 bypass drive by. They quit being just cars, though. They would get within a few hundred feet of where I was, and suddenly change into lions, jaguars, and tigers with glowing eyes, rushing down the road at breakneck speed! They would turn back into cars as soon as they passed. They made swooshing sounds, sort of like cars do, instead of growling. It was absolutely amazing and fascinating! This went on for quite a while. I was enthralled.
Do you think, Phat, that this could have been a demonic event? I never really considered that possibility: I felt more like it had to do with the LSD that I had swallowed earlier that evening. Hallucinations are funny, you know, and don’t have to involve ingested hallucinogens.
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