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Author Topic:   The Trump Post-Presidency and Insurrection
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02-10-2021 11:28 AM
Reply to: Message 108 by jar
02-10-2021 10:13 AM

Re: Trump defense team pleads insanity
I rather liked his one lawyer's argument: So arrest and try Trump on criminal charges.

As that lawyer said, the DOJ knows what to do with people like that.

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02-22-2021 11:36 AM

Where does Q-Anon Get Their Nonsense From?
I've come to a realization, but I want to put it out there as kind of a "Request for Comment" (RFC, though this has nothing to do with networking protocols).

Whenever we hear Q-Anon claims expressed, we're left in bewilderment of where they could be getting such nonsense from. And what kind of sick minds could dream up such horrors (the answer turns out to be Christian minds -- see below for the centuries-old "blood libel").

A few months ago I heard a Q-Anon claim being quoted verbatim, in which they explicitly named where these aliens who are ruling us are operating from: Deep Space Nine! That was an epiphany for me.

It certainly appears that they're getting this nonsense from decades, even centuries (again with the blood libel already!), of popular fiction, most recenly including TV shows and movies. Like DS9. Or V (1980's TV SciFi). And the much gorier horror stuff from decades of cheap gore movies at the drive-in.

Let's look at a few.

Obviously, the most ridiculously sadistic and gory rumors come straight out of all those cheap horror movies, the cheaper the gorier.

And lizard people posing as humans and ruling us? Yeah, I also remember V from the 80's. The first miniseries was rather good and the second was OK. By the time they got to the regular series, not so good but rather increasingly hokey. "V" stood at first for "visitors", aliens making contact with us in order to help us, but then the Resistance turned it around to mean "victory." It turns out that the aliens were looking to steal earth's water, plus they looked at us as a food source. At first, it was "They look just like us!", but those were just disguises. Instead, they were reptilian, feeding by swallowing their gerbils whole (there were a few scenes of that -- us they'd have to slice and dice first).

And space lasers? Lots of cheap and non-existent (or even impossible) unobtainium movie/TV/cartoon tech. Like SPECTRE's diamond-encrusted space laser in Diamonds are Forever.

However, in connection with those "Jewish space lasers", I also heard reference to "broadcast power" satellites. I don't know whether that had ever made it to the B movies or TV, but most space enthusiasts from the 80's should recognize that tech immediately. One advocate for space colonies was a physicist, Gerard K. O'Neill (with two ells while holding up three fingers, a recurring Stargate SG-1 joke by Col. Jack O'Neill -- and yes, in that Wikipedia photo he is sporting a Vulcan haircut completely with pointed sideburns). He proposed building space colonies which are departed from the old standard "space wheel" by designing them as rotating spheres where you lived on the inner surface of the sphere -- lots of living surface area along with artificial gravity (the designs of Babylon 4 and Babylon 5 were based on his ideas). Construction material would be mined from the moon (which has a lot of bauxite, the ore for aluminum) launched with linear accelerator mass drivers and the power would come from orbiting solar power stations. Also, forerunners of the Belters would scout the Asteroid Belt for raw resources and attach linear accelerator mass drivers to asteroids to propel them into a lower orbit where we could mine them at our leisure.

And the space colony economy would be based on cheap solar power that would be beamed down to receiver stations on the earth's surface through microwave transmissions. Which was the "smoking gun" (or Easter egg) I heard in a Q-Anon reference to those "space lasers" (from Rep. Greene of GA, I seem to recall).

Now, what about kidnapping children in order to drink their blood? That one is quite literally Christianity at its worst. It goes back nearly two millennia and is an anti-Jewish trope that apparently we will never be rid of. Besides "blook libel, it is also known as "ritual murder libel" and "blood accusation". And it is entirely Christianin origin, propogation, and as a standard excuse of Christians to conduct vicious pogroms in order to slaughter Jews (whereas their leaders were undoubtedly more interested in eliminating their debts by eliminating their debtors). How very Christian!

When my friend and I traveled to Germany a few years ago, I remember sitting in the train looking at the "nächster Halt" (sounds like "nexter Halt") scrolling announcement for Bacharach. I remember that because I saw it come up on the screen and my mind immediately read it like the singer, Burt (I read in whole words, not by sounding it out), but then the recorded voice gave it the German pronounciation which is quite different. It's a medieval town that's pretty well preserved, so it's a popular tourist destination. That was the first time I had ever seen Stolpersteine, "stumbling stones." They replace individual cobblestones in front of a house that had been owned or occupied by Jews leading into the Holocaust with a gold-colored metal mini-plaque engraved with the person's name, when they were arrested or rounded up, and when and where they died or were murdered ("ermordet" is very specifically used).

It turns out that Bacharach has a very bloody history because of the blood libel. From Bacharach's page (bold added):

Widely visible is the Wernerkapelle, a Rheinromantik landmark of the town, lying on the way up to Stahleck Castle from the town. It is the expanded Kunibertkapelle, and is still an unfinished Gothic ruin today. Its namesake is Werner of Oberwesel, known in connection with pogroms triggered by his death. According to the Christian blood libel, which was typical of the times, a 16-year-old Werner was murdered on Maundy Thursday 1287 by members of the local Jewish community, who then used his blood for Passover observances. On the grounds of this alleged ritual murder, there arose an anti-Semitic mob who waged a pogrom, wiping out Jewish communities in the Middle and Lower Rhine and Moselle regions. In folk Christianity arose the cult of Werner, which was only stricken from the Bishopric of Trier calendar in 1963.

BTW, Jewish dietary law forbids the consumption of blood. Kosher butchering tradition and practices aim to evacuate as much of the animal's blood as is possible. Ever wonder why Kosher salt is kosher? Because its large grains are better for drawing blood out of the meat. Nu?

And yet, the blood libel persisted among Christians.

When I transferred to a four-year, one of my first classes was in "Rabbinic Literature" with Rabbi Kalir. In one lecture he covered the origin of a Seder custom.

Have you ever attended a Seder, a Passover dinner? Elijah is thought to have never died, having been taken up into Heaven while still alive, so he could still be present on earth. At every Seder, a place is set for Elijah should he choose to visit and at one point the host or hostess goes to open the front door to let Elijah in, should he just happen to be in the neighborhood.

As Rabbi Kalir taught us, that custom came directly from the blood libel. He told us that Christians believed that Jews drank blood in their "secret Jewish rituals" and would abduct and murder Christian children in order to drain them of their blood for those rituals. Opening the door for Elijah was the Jewish community's attempt to demonstrate to everybody that they had nothing whatsoever to hide.

So this Q-Anon nonsense about killing children and drinking their blood is nothing more that old recycled Christian nonsense. The horrific "details" come from sick minds drawing from sick horror movies.

Am I on the right track with this analysis?

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Message 152 of 172 (884518)
02-22-2021 8:12 PM
Reply to: Message 150 by Taq
02-22-2021 7:10 PM

Re: The First Three Days
Several of those GOP senators who voted not guilty then went on to say that Trump very obviously and definitely is responsible for the insurrectionist attack on the Capitol. Eg, McConnell, "no question about it."

They know full well that he's guilty, but they chose to hide behind the cowardly lie that they didn't have jurisdiction because he's no longer in office. That lie was disproven on the very first day before the trial actually started.

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Message 154 of 172 (893968)
04-26-2022 9:17 AM
Reply to: Message 153 by Percy
04-26-2022 7:57 AM

Re: All The Chiefs Texts
To paraphrase the most famous line in Jaws: "We're going to need a bigger yardarm." To hang all these mutineers and traitors from.

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 Message 153 by Percy, posted 04-26-2022 7:57 AM Percy has seen this message

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