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Author Topic:   The Biden Presidency
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08-23-2021 3:57 PM
Reply to: Message 126 by Percy
08-23-2021 8:33 AM

Re: Biden Administration a Disappointment So Far
His administration should have been requiring and enforcing masks and vaccinations nationwide, then fought vigorously in the courts for it. He might have ultimately lost, but it would have been the right thing to do, both practically and politically.
Problem is, the Republicans are salivating at the prospect of doing their own impeachment. Despite the fact that the former Clown in Chief was pretty deserving of impeachment proceedings, the Republicans still considered it to be a witch hunt. So now they are looking to even the score. That probably is a factor Biden is weighing on how far he can push any Federal mandates.
Biden can be completely faulted for the disaster in Afghanistan. Getting out of Afghanistan is exactly the right thing to do, but the way he's doing it is completely wrongheaded.
Even for someone like me who is a fan of Biden, I can't argue with that. We can castigate Bush for the initial boondoggle, but in the end, the current status of our presence in Afghanistan is his situation to manage. My suspicion is the current debacle stems from him underestimating the Taliban presence (maybe due to bad information) but also grossly overestimating the efficacy of the (now former) Afghan government and military. We all knew they were corrupt but good grief. They basically piled whatever money they stole into bags and were the first ones out of the country.
The sad part is that now women and young girls in that country will see a return to the unenlightened, barbarous ways of seventh century religious zealotry. That is the true tragedy.

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