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Author Topic:   Belief Versus The Scientific Method
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01-27-2022 7:09 PM
Reply to: Message 494 by drlove
01-26-2022 6:36 PM

Re: wowsa
drlove writes:

The long term effects are not known. The actual causes of all the deaths since the vaccines started is not known. Most are listed as something else or unrelated. If a vaccine (regardless of what it was made from) triggered some things that made people sick or killed them, then it is possible they cause hospitalization etc.

Are you aware that SARS-CoV-2 is an RNA virus? It has an RNA genome wrapped in a fatty membrane covered in proteins that stick to your cells. Once attached, the virus injects its RNA genome into your cells where the RNA is made into proteins. The RNA genome is about 30,000 bases long, and it produces proteins that copy RNA into new RNA geneoms and proteins that coat the new viral particle when it detaches from the infected cell. The S gene is just one gene among many in the viral RNA genome, and it is one of the proteins that is on the outside of the viral particle. It is responsible for sticking to your cells and starting the infection.

During infection, your cells are making new viral RNA for days to weeks. Tons of it. It is also producing viral particles coated with the spike protein which your immune system recognizes and tries to attack, producing antibodies in the process.

The vaccine is just the RNA S gene. It only produces the spike protein. It has no ability to make new viral RNA genomes, nor does it have the ability produce any other protein such as the RNA dependent RNA polymerase that is used to copy RNA into new RNA. The RNA from the vaccine is only in your cells for a day or so, and probably shorter than that because it breaks down quickly. The vaccine can not produce infections with the full viral genome because the full viral genome is never present. The vaccine is entirely incapable of causing an infection. Period.

So please tell us why the vaccine is so much worse than the infection. Why is a relatively small amount of RNA for the S gene so much more dangerous than tons of RNA for the entire viral genome that you are exposed to for days to weeks longer than the RNA from the vaccine? If the vaccine is causing any deleterious reactions the virus will be much worse just by their very nature.

Would you not expect real science to be clear?

It is clear as day. Study after study has shown that the unvaccinated are being hospitalized at 5 to 10x the rate as the vaccinated. The basic biology and immunology supports taking the vaccine. You have to deny decades of scientific research to think otherwise.

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