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Author Topic:   An Ether-Based Creation Model
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04-19-2021 10:24 AM
Reply to: Message 77 by Michael MD
04-19-2021 9:12 AM

Re: Stop and smell the aether
Actual experiments have been done in the area of synchronizing sound waves that have produced levitation (of relatively light-weight objects), and the researchers have speculated, rather vaguely, about "some sort of etheric process" being at work. -I have not yet seen anyone propose a detailed model for how etheric effects like this are produced (other than mine.)

Acoustic levitation is a pretty well understood phenomenon. I've never heard anyone speculate about "etheric processes"
It's just a standing sound wave that produces pressure on the object (usually from both above and below via a transducer and reflector)
It's explained pretty well on Howstuffworks.com

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