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Author Topic:   AI - Do humans think algorithmically?
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07-24-2021 1:50 PM
Reply to: Message 3 by dwise1
07-24-2021 12:17 PM

Why AI doesn't Woek as Advertized
dwis1 writes:

Others have remarked that computers are very good at tasks that humans find daunting (eg, massively long strings of arithmetical calculations or searching through mountains of data to find matches or patterns, and yet they are very sorely vexed to do what any human child a few years old can do easily, understand a simple sentence in its native language.

This where I first dealt with AI, a senior project on grammar checkers concerning abilities and definite limitations. I have had a working hypothesis for decades concerning the triune brain and how it functions compared to the AI "brain."

The big difference is the human mind communicates, not just electrically but also chemically. These functions result in emotions. Some humans lack emotion and therefore have a very difficult time achieving motivation. Without motivation, computers can beat everyone at chess, find new new solutions to Euclid proofs, and write Harlequin Romances but it can't discover relativity, quantum physics, or write Les Miserables or War and Peace. In addition isn't AI of a completely different nature. Perhaps a form of intelligence but certainly not human intelligence, not even close.

I know this will upset CS folks, please show me where I am wrong, as I'm sure you will.

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