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Author Topic:   Ground Penetrating Radar Scans of Noah's Ark
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02-25-2022 6:36 PM

Around September 2021, new scans of the Ark at Durupinar were publicly released for the first time, showing a framework of ship timbers unexplainable as a geological formation. The site is formally acknowledged by the Turkish government as the location of the Ark and the scans are being featured in an upcoming History Channel documentary. The scans appear to have been made with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) using LiDar scanning techniques.


Noah’s Ark hunters claim boat FOUND in mountains using 3D scans

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02-26-2022 12:45 AM
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02-25-2022 11:16 PM

Ground penetrating radar was presumably used as LiDaR is for surface mapping, but the coloration would seemingly indicate LiDaR was used in conjunction with GPR, as described here. I'm just speculating bit it seems apparent to me that both technologies were used in unison as the 3D mapping is specific to LiDaR.

"GPR allows for a fast and non-invasive surveying of structures and anomalies of the sub surface, by using electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range. The active remote sensing technique LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging, also known as Laser Scanning), measures the runtime of discrete light pulses in order to map objects and structures on the surface of the earth... A standard GPR-processing-workflow does not allow for a 3-dimensional visualisation of the results and complicates the detection of archaeological structures. Unlike, LiDAR which does allow for a 3-dimensional visualisation. A fusion of both techniques, by using Python scripts and the software packages REFLEXW - Sandmeier Scientific Software and LASTools - rapidlasso, applies the advantages and specialities of LiDAR and GPR, and allows to get a high-resolution 3-dimensional pointcloud."

A Fusion of GPR- and LiDAR-Data for Surveying and Visualisation of Archaeological Structures - a case example of an archaeological site in Strettweg, District of Murtal, Austria

Why I disagree with evolution, explained:

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02-26-2022 1:51 AM
Reply to: Message 6 by PaulK
02-26-2022 1:29 AM

Pretty dubious. This is a Ron Wyatt claim, even rejected by many creationists who examined the site. Given the record of false claims I’d wait for a neutral expert analysis - which you won’t get from the people promoting the claims.

I am not a Wyatt adherent, but the site was acknowledged as the location of the Ark well before Wyatt, and is formally recognized as such today by the Turkish government. Until the Turkish government allows an archaeological excavation, it likely won't be broadly accepted in academia, but the recent LiDaR scans are sufficient proof to convince me that this is the Ark.

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