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Author Topic:   What will be the immediate impact if a science theory is wrong in science?
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12-16-2022 3:50 AM

One impact:
About dictionaries and their definitions. English language has been widespread around the world, thanks for the English people for invading other countries and sharing their culture, and science. But every words in English dictionaries must be defined or must invent a definition so that they could publish them in dictionaries. And those inventors of definitions, like psychologists, etc, they are educated in schools in where Evolution had a great impact on them, especially, when Darwin was trying to define and describe four words, like "simple, complex, perfect, non-perfect". These words are not merely words but was used in science to explain two opposing scenarios! But the conclusion from Darwin and his supporters was that there four words were actually the same in definition, in meaning, in usage, because Evolution is right and "time" is the factor! The longer the time, those words will become more the same. So, if you are one of the inventors of definitions of intelligence, you will surely be very confused on how will you define intelligence and its related variant words like intentional, control manipulated, smart, etc.
Since the change of/in freq alleles (COFA) or CIFA, is both simple and complex, both gradual and quick, both perfect and unperfect, because time is the factor, then, if you are the inventor of definition of these words, you will surely base your definitions based on where you were educated - in Evolution! Thus, Evolution, Darwin and his supporters should be blamed for the wrong and useless definitions of intelligence and many other words that are useless in Biology and in science! Stupidity begets stupidity! Wrong begets wrong.
These words too had big impact for COFA or CIFA in Biology, : words like control, manipulate, intentional, directed goal-oriented, smart, fine-tuned, etc..
Once again, the immediate impact of erroneous theory will always be the distortion of definitions of words. We have 71 invented definitions of intelligence because of Evolution, Darwin and his supporters! One topic with 71 definitions! Are you kidding me?!
Now, I am living in Japan and I have many Japanese dictionaries, but when the publishers of dictionaries in Japan will define "intelligence", and the other words above, they had and will surely base their definition on science that had come from the West, the English language since Evolution had come from England and thought as correct. (For if not, they will be insulted as STUPID in science!) So, the many definitions of intelligence too, in all languages are wrong because of following a wrong Evolution, from England, from English language! And had become widespread like virus.
The word "nothing" or "nothingness" too are being distorted of its definition, as written and published in all dictionaries in all format, in all languages, thanks and courtesy from those scientists who believe that the universe has started from nothingness, which means "nothing = something". How it is possible? Quantum Mechanics!
If ID of Behe and Meyer is wrong in science, the same impact, but at least, they had copied Darwin's idea of complex.. But Darwin had started the joke, and let the whole world crying, for his stupidity.
The new ID cannot be wrong since ID is based on scientific experiment, that anybody could repeat. Cannot be wrong means real and correct.

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