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Author Topic:   coded information in DNA
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05-26-2009 10:40 PM
Reply to: Message 28 by WordBeLogos
05-26-2009 7:57 PM

When my computer logs on for automatic updates, all by itself, is this by intelligent design or just natural? What is ultimately acting itself out, be it unobsevable and without direct intervention?

Your computer is an inanimate object which cannot come together with its programming without the intervention of an outside agent. The same can be said for all codes that you describe. This distinguishes them from DNA which comes together all by itself according to well-known laws of chemistry.

You need to explain why chemistry, genetics and evolution are insufficient to account for the existence of DNA. Chemistry explains how DNA works. Genetics describes how DNA changes. Evolution explains why certain combinations of DNA will tend to be more prevalent than others. None of these explanations require appeal to any intelligent agent. You are attempting to define the field of inquiry and claim victory based on that limited field. You are ignoring well-understood natural processes that are observed on a daily basis. I've never seen anyone successfully defend any scientific theory while ignoring the evidence. Nothing about your argument makes me suspect you are the exception.

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