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Author Topic:   For Inquisitor, et al: What is Evolution?
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Message 46 of 81 (40034)
05-14-2003 2:01 AM
Reply to: Message 45 by Buzsaw
05-14-2003 1:15 AM

The Flood and fossil sorting
Buzz, much could be disputed in your last message, but I'll go with:

crashfrog - Interesting - in what way? How does the clearly preserved sorting of the fossil record, combined with relative inferred age, support sudden universal creation? It doesn't seem to, to me.

buzzsaw - Imo, the dating methods are flawed, failing to factor the flood.

I tracked down a couple of flood fossil sorting topics.

Flood sorting
Fossil Ordering Re-Visited

You've never been involved in either of those topics. Care to dive in now?


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 Message 45 by Buzsaw, posted 05-14-2003 1:15 AM Buzsaw has not yet responded

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