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Author Topic:   Scientific vs Creationist Frauds and Hoaxes
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01-11-2009 4:48 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by RAZD
01-11-2009 9:40 AM

Here is an interesting one :
The Peppered Moth
This site is a museum of hoaxes.
It has a page on the Peppered Moth where it claims this experiment was a hoax, based on staged photographs! The page contains false nonsense and is clearly written by a creationist.
I claim this as a Creationist Hoax.
(The hoax being that the P.M. experiment itself was a hoax based on staged photographs.)

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Member (Idle past 3521 days)
Posts: 344
Joined: 05-22-2003

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01-11-2009 6:05 PM
Reply to: Message 5 by RAZD
01-11-2009 5:33 PM

Thanks RAZD,
Here is a fuller list of creationist hoaxes (and lies etc.) :
Ron Wyat
Noah's Ark
Ark of the Covenant
Chariot Wheels from Pharaoh's army
Sodom and Gomorrah
The real Mt Sinai
Noah's house
The tablet of the 10 commandments
Actual BLOOD of Jesus!
Ron Wyatt - Wikipedia
Wyatt Archaeological Research
Carl Baugh
Fossilized Hammer Found in 100-Million-Year Old Rock
Carl Baugh
Giant Human Skeleton
Clifford Burdick, William Meister
Trilobites in footprints
The Antelope Springs ‘footprint’ - Bad Archaeology
Duane Gish
Various falsehoods.
Telnet Communications - High Speed Internet & Home Phone Solutions
Missing Day hoax
Welcome -
Elizabeth Hope
Darwin deathbed recantation hoax
Elizabeth, Lady Hope - Wikipedia
Peppered Moth 'hoax' hoax
The Peppered Moth
Woolly Mammoths snap frozen during the flood
”The Japanese trawler Zuiyo Maru caught a dead plesiosaur near New Zealand.’
Darwin’s quote about eye evolution in Origin of Species.
The incomprehensible creationist - the Darwin "eye" quote revisited
Intelligent design as a hoax
Page not found - Text Book League - Aplikasi dan Website Buku Online
Buddika's 300 Creationist Lies Index
Kent Hovind
And, as noted above -
almost every single creationist site on the web has lies and falsehoods no matter how often they are pointed out.

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