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Author Topic:   Scientific vs Creationist Frauds and Hoaxes
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10-06-2011 8:27 AM
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01-11-2009 9:40 AM

re- scientists' /evolutionists' fraud/hoax
Please, no replies, I've requested a topic proposal about double blind testing. Anyone can make the proposal, doesn't have to be ANI. --Admin
Experiments such as test for ESP and others as for example the Great Prayer experiment are double blinded, which means the subjects taking part in the experiments are relationally distanced. Check out the book of the great man himself, Richard Dawkins on page 62-3 where he states that double blinding has to be used and calls it a standard. Scientists say that double blinding is needed to make the experiments scientific. This is utterly untrue. The only condition that makes an experiment scientific is the addition of a control experiment. When we relationally distance the subjects, and this means that they don't meet and have never met and don't know each other or even of the existence of the other, then we destroy ESP and all that that entails, as for instance a patient knowing the person who is praying for them through first hand contact. In ESP experiments there is a triple jeopardy. They don't just double blind, they also have the subjects guessing, which means the brain gives priority for fuel materials to those areas required in thinking, while areas involved in perception, and not only mental perception but sensory perception are given a very low priority. And lastly they use cards and other objects that have no relevance to the subject. ESP is at a premium inside of personal relationships and the closer and more trusted the relationship the greater the ESP that can be observed. The person though needs to be calm and in a perceptive/ meditative mode. And the subjects also need to have a need to know something. So for instance in the so-called precognition experiments subjects invariably display distress (the physiological indicators recorded as evidence) when a computer is just about to choose a distressing image to display on its screen. This is highly relevant to the subject. Why not do the experiments properly.. scientifically, which means they are NOT double blinded at all.
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