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Author Topic:   Evolution doesn't make sense.
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01-26-2002 12:07 PM
Reply to: Message 27 by TrueCreation
01-19-2002 3:48 PM

I must say that as far as ID goes,the jury is still out as far as i'm concerned. But even if that was the case and that the earth and all its lifeforms were the result of an intelligent designer,why should we automaticaly assume that this designer was a supernatural God being? I have another theory on the subject. What if the earth is merely a vivarium set up by beings from a much older but very much non-supernatural civilisation? Couldn't ID also mean BIOLOGICAL LIVING intelligent designers? Could someone present me with evidence that this was not the case?

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01-26-2002 1:12 PM
Reply to: Message 29 by TrueCreation
01-26-2002 12:42 PM

Originally posted by TrueCreation:

--Seems logical, but then your right back to the question of where did they come from, being physical and biological living organisms of this extra galactic universe/civilization, we must ask the same questions of our existance and apply it to them, which ofcourse leads you to a dead end because we have no clue period if there is extra-terrestrial intelligence out there.

I am not advancing that the world was created by extra-terrestrials...i am simply stating thatthere is no logical,sensible reason to believe that if the ID theory is accurate that this intelligence absolutely or even likely belongs to an all powerfull divine being. The simple fact is that we do not even know if there was an intelligent designer behind the many wonders of the world. One may chose to assume that there is,for whatever reason but ID is far from being a foregone conclusion.

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