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Author Topic:   Evolution doesn't make sense.
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Message 34 of 80 (4576)
02-15-2002 9:23 AM

if anything does not make sense, it is creationism and its followers.

maybe you should tell Stephen Hawking that evolution "just doesn't make sense."

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 Message 36 by TrueCreation, posted 02-16-2002 2:20 PM quicksink has not yet responded

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02-15-2002 9:30 AM

i do not see what is so unbelievable about time is circular and has no beginning or end. I think that people are getting so tied up in their world of microscopic madness, that when they see something that is simply part of life and our universe, it seems enormous and they simply cannot bring it into focus with their microscope. the universe is our world, our existence. It surrounds us, and yet we cower in our cacoons, shielding ourselves from its vast void.

This is religion. Relgion is a shield, that makes humans feel important in a universe with more than a quadrillion stars...

If you look at the universe in the night, you will realize, over time, how small we are. and if you're brave enough to peek out of your protective shell, you'll see and live in a whole new world.

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