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Author Topic:   Evolution doesn't make sense.
Solid Snake
Inactive Member

Message 44 of 80 (8073)
04-01-2002 6:04 PM

I know Im going to get hammered for this, but has any ever noticed much of this debating is basicly the same arguement over and over. To me it just seems a lot of posts just look reworded and sometimes modified from ones from the past. Don't get me wrong theres always a lot of new stuff but still...
Maybe its just me.

And with that he threw down his flaming sword, and gave God the finger. Since then it has been decreed that angels are hence forth not to consume alchohol.~~~Metetron the Voice of God (Alan Rickman)

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 Message 45 by Mister Pamboli, posted 04-01-2002 6:38 PM Solid Snake has not yet responded

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