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Author Topic:   Black Holes Proof of Literal Hell?
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04-07-2002 8:38 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by techristian
04-05-2002 8:05 PM

Originally posted by techristian:
Think about it. Time stops there. Endless darkness because light can't escape AND intense gravity that may even hold spirit beings.

Think about it.


Except isn't hell supposed to be a firey pit of everlasting burning?

Oh, and where do you get the idea that black holes "may even hold spirit beings"?? How do you tell if "spirit beings" are able to be "held" without any evidence that "spirit beings" exist in the first place. You can't discuss their properties and limitations without defining them first. Please do so.

And why would "intense gravity", "endless darkness", or "stopped time" make any difference to a "spirit being" anyway?

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 Message 1 by techristian, posted 04-05-2002 8:05 PM techristian has not yet responded

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