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Author Topic:   Black Holes Proof of Literal Hell?
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09-29-2013 10:50 PM
Reply to: Message 61 by hooah212002
04-27-2011 1:13 PM

newbie to site and thread
yet I know the hell of which I speak, therefor I think. "The" blackholes of our universe are an image of hell, as in lake of fire.

to understand hellfire you have to understand what causes it. It is caused by the presence, of God. Since "he "exists before time was made, time is not part of the equation. For "him" to have dwelling his vector of continuation would be, in image form, as our earth's magnectic field. The end in the beginning. In "his" all powerful outflow from within "his" literal, "hole,"( read well), would be the "imput" of "his" end. A continuation of all powerful love. This defies reason and physics but so do the properties of a natural blackhole. The point being this is a field of all powerful change.(read increase). What happens when you put a conductor in a changing field in the natural. Current flows proportionantly to that power. If a soul were to be subject to "his" presence with sin in his heart, the first reaction would be fear. Now if this fear were to increase by the power of "god" it would in short order become all consuming terror, so much so, terror would become a physical event in that you would be torn from this universe. For a onlooker it would seem that you were hit by lightning. From the relativity of the one being consumed, he would be a living lightning bolt being sucked out of the universe via his own black hole. When the lightning bolt snaps that would be the end of such soul. Then his body would fall to the earth with his eyes consumed in their sockets while it stood on its feet. For those thinking this is not eternal, think on this. God says , I dwell in eternity, yet he dwells before time ever was.

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09-30-2013 9:01 PM
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09-30-2013 12:26 PM

Re: newbie to site and thread
yes , I probably did post in the wrong section. Since God is not the "author of confusion", I thought people were starting to realize all time was neccessary to make all that is. Jews believe there are four steps down to this universe, intellect, creation, formation, then making. This is the made thing, before it was made it was formed, before it was formed it was in a creative state, before creation a conception. They also believe strings are the vibration of god's word maintaining the universe.

Just for interest sake, life is energy and energy can be transformed, so were is the hole in my reasoning?

When lightning neutralizes, it is in a drain.

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