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Author Topic:   Black Holes Proof of Literal Hell?
The Dread Dormammu
Inactive Member

Message 36 of 78 (166732)
12-09-2004 9:15 PM
Reply to: Message 7 by Percy
04-06-2002 3:49 PM

It's Io not Europa
Percy says:

But you seem to be losing sight of your original point, which I think was that black holes may be the Christian hell. Besides that your analogies didn't stand up, a volcanically active planet (or moon like Europa) with actual brimstone seems a better candidate.

It's Io not Europa that is the most volcanicly active thing in our solarsystem. Io is the one with the massive gravitational tidal forces causing constant eruptions and volcanic activity. very sulfurous and hellish (it even looks like a hell planet).

It may also be responsible for Jupeters "ring" (though the ring is far less impressive than Saturns it is still detecatble).

Europa is the icy moon that may have a great deal of water underneath it (possibly a 60 mile deep ocean) and a good canidate for extraterrestrial life. Not hellish at all.

Sorry to pick on you but, you see, I have a deep facination with europa and hate to see her cofused with her turbulent and violent sister.

By the way, though time would stop for anything that entered a black hole. They would eventualy be reemited into the unverse in the form of hawking radiation.


www.evcforum.net/cgi-bin/dm.cgi?action=page&f=2&t=157&p=3 -->www.evcforum.net/cgi-bin/dm.cgi?action=page&f=2&t=157&p=3">http://www.evcforum.net/cgi-bin/dm.cgi?action=page&f=2&t=157&p=3

(pretty much everything beyond messege 31)

This is small comfort however since nothing could even approach the Swartzchild radius before being distroyed by the massive gravitational tidal forces. And being reemited as radiation is not the same thing as surviving in any way shape or form.

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 Message 7 by Percy, posted 04-06-2002 3:49 PM Percy has not yet responded

The Dread Dormammu
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Message 37 of 78 (166737)
12-09-2004 9:23 PM
Reply to: Message 34 by Hangdawg13
07-23-2004 1:29 PM

Again anything would be distroyed but...
hangdog13 says:

Maybe I was wrong about eternity passing. I'm not sure.

You wern't wrong, you were just outdated. People used to discribe falling into a black hole as a "one way ticket to the end of the universe" because as time slows down the rest of the univerese evoultion would pass before your eyes (be sure to look up so you can see incoming light and not down where you will see only nothingness).

Now we know that Black holes will eventualy decay so falling into them is merely a one way ticket to the end of the black hole.


Please, don't try this with your... black hole at home. You will not survive falling into one. You will be pulled apart and die no matter what you are made out of. Even if you can find a black hole without a whirlwind like accreation disc (making travel very treachorus) you will be horribly distroyed.

Added by edit: You are right that time doesn not pass for things traveling at light speed. Photons have a one way ticket to the end of the universe)

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 Message 34 by Hangdawg13, posted 07-23-2004 1:29 PM Hangdawg13 has not yet responded

The Dread Dormammu
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Message 38 of 78 (168413)
12-15-2004 5:48 AM

By the way.
Where in the Bible does it mention that hell has the maximum amount of entropy possible.

After all, since black holes cram the the maximum amount of entorpy possible into a given volume, you'd think the authors would coment on how "disorderly" hell is.

From what I remeber of "The Inferno" I think hell was pretty orderly (Added by edit) at least compares to a black hole that is I mean it had citys etc.

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