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Author Topic:   Black Holes Proof of Literal Hell?
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10-11-2007 11:09 AM
Reply to: Message 42 by techristian
10-11-2007 10:49 AM

Techristian, any discussion of the actual conditions within a black hole is entirely irrelevant.

In the Bible, the descriptions of Hell tell of an eternal lake of fire. There can be no lake of fire in a black hole, and black holes aren't eternal. If you are proposing a literal Hell as described in the Bible, a black hole simply isn't even remotely related.

It's like saying that an airplane is like a fish. It's just not even close.

Every time a fundy breaks the laws of thermodynamics, Schroedinger probably kills his cat.

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 Message 42 by techristian, posted 10-11-2007 10:49 AM techristian has not yet responded

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