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Author Topic:   How do creationists explain stars?
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06-28-2006 3:24 PM

What bugs me
The term creationist always seems to mean someone who is YEC. I'm a creationist because I believe that there is a creator. I don't however care whether God created the world 6000 years ago or 4 billion years ago.

My point is I disagree with the basic premise of the argument. The problem is, as a Christian and obviously someone who must then believe in creation, I am labelled as a creationist. As soon as I'm labelled as that it is assumed that I believe in the whole 6 day creation interpretation of the Bible.

The same holds true for the term intelligent design. I obviously believe in ID but I'm quite prepared to accept that the intelligent designer used evolution as a part of His creation.

I wished the original post would use the term YEC instead.

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