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Author Topic:   How do creationists explain stars?
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04-05-2007 8:15 PM
Reply to: Message 271 by Alcyonian
04-05-2007 7:23 PM

Re: Stars?
Welcome aboard Alcyonian.

No, you're not off topic at all. I will be, though.

what is the scientific explanation that creationists have?

Major problem here, Alcy; "Science" and "creationist" in the same sentence juxtaposed as to convey some meaningful relationship…the two terms do not play well together.

Up thread you will find one interesting creo fantasy about some god thingie making stars with “mature” light, meaning the creation was set in place with the new star billions of light-years away but the light pre-stretched to already be seen here on Earth less then 10,000 years later in keeping with Young Earth Creationism’s (YECs) pre-ordained timeline, complete with red shift to simulate its billions of light-years of travel.

Well, that gives you a flavor of what I mean. Science is the enemy, a force of godless atheism (actual quote), instrument of Satan, asking too many pesky questions about reality and evidence and just not having enough faith to accept the truth as they see it.

Now, please understand there are a lot of religious people on this forum with their heads firmly attached to their shoulders where they belong.

Then there are the YECs. The only force recognized by YECs is “goddoneit.”

Have fun while you’re here.

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