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Author Topic:   Star Formation (Star Condensation)
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03-23-2007 7:09 PM

The Angry Astronomer speaks
The Angry Astronomer has a short piece on this. People here might find it interesting. On comment in particular:

Evolutionists claim that stars form from swirling clouds of dust and gas. For this to happen, vast amounts of energy, angular momentum, and residual magnetism must be removed from each cloud. This is not observed today, and astronomers and physicists have been unable to explain, in an experimentally verifiable way, how it could happen.

First off, evolution and cosmology are two distinct fields and are wholly unrelated. Their conflation of the two does not impress me.

Regardless, the claim that energy must be lost is absolutely true. However, the claim that we do not observe such things is a blatant lie. Newly forming stars are able to shed this excess energy in numerous ways, the most prominent among them being mass outflow in both the form of stellar wind as well as jets. Many stars in regions which are forming new stars have been observed with precisely such properties.

(Note: the discussion about energy loss is related to the gravitational forces overcoming the pressure.)

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