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Author Topic:   Star Formation (Star Condensation)
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03-25-2007 6:47 AM
Reply to: Message 8 by CTD
03-23-2007 5:58 AM

Re: More info

The trouble with articles such as these is that is very difficult trying to ascertain the true propotions of stupidity, ignorance, lies by omission, and blatent falsehood that are fed into their creation.

Regarding the ang mom of the solar system:

Evolutionists understand the problem, so they propose that it has sun has slowed over time, but this fails to consider the true scope of the problem.

Take a moment to admire the eloquence of the writing!

And I think the word they are looking for is astrophysicists - not evolutionists. Or at least in my case, my first degree was in astrophysics, not evolution, which was when we sat around scratching our heads saying

"wow, that's a lot of ang mom to remove from the system - how do you think that happens? - oh, who cares, it obviously just works - yeah, the first creationist websites aren't due to arrive on the scene for at least another twelve years so we've plenty of time to hide our ignorance - heh, heh, who wants to know anyway, science is boring - too right, let's go get pissed - by the way, what's a website???"

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