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Author Topic:   Star Formation (Star Condensation)
Son Goku
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03-26-2007 8:38 AM
Reply to: Message 21 by CTD
03-25-2007 8:53 AM

Re: Nah
Which is why I'll save my energy for something else. There just aren't too many areas where the big official brains so obviously don't know what's going on. I mean no insult by that. It's very much to their credit that they don't make more of an effort to hide it.

I mean just after what little research I've done for my posts on this thread it's my opinion that anyone who just up and says "yes it will" or "no it won't" is probably not taking everything into consideration. At this point I would not be confident betting on either side, myself. Times are changing, and I don't consider you "wrong".

The quote you provided refers to how difficult it is to model the internal fluid dynamics of interstellar clouds, which does not cast any doubt on their ability to form Stars. Stellar formation is a much more generic feature.

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