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Author Topic:   Quantized redshifts strongly suggest that our galaxy is at the centre of the universe
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Message 141 of 170 (16997)
09-09-2002 11:37 AM
Reply to: Message 133 by Tranquility Base
09-02-2002 10:35 PM

Tranquility Base Wrote:

"Humphreys' work is a great example of a scientific model. From postulates to mathematical model. It's now up the data to rule it out or not. "

Well, since Humphrey's work has been elevated from it's previous status of 'Poor quality science fiction', perhaps you'd care to answer a question that you previously avoided by claiming that Humphrey's work was 'an interesting supposition'.

In Humphrey's 'model', the universe starts out as a multiple light year diameter sphere of water.
If this were the starting matter for the universe, we should see a universe in which 14/16ths (by mass) or 1/3 by count of atoms,of the free matter between the stars was oxygen.
Oddly, we see a universe which is almost entirely hydrogen and helium.

Why should this be?
Where did all the oxygen go?

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