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Author Topic:   Quantized redshifts strongly suggest that our galaxy is at the centre of the universe
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10-05-2002 4:39 PM
Reply to: Message 166 by Tranquility Base
10-02-2002 3:47 AM

Originally posted by Tranquility Base:
^ Wehappy

Tell me more about the spiral arm quantization - it's not due to the fact that one arm is moving towards and the other away in those cases?

You're starting to worry me, TB. Have you been reading any of the links in this thread? Are you following any of the subtleties of redshift quantization discussed here?

Percy brought this up a long time ago...


The next step involved examining the rotation curves of individual spiral galaxies. Such curves indicate how the rotational velocity of the material in the galaxy's disk varies with distance from the center.

Several well-studied galaxies, including M51 and NGC 2903, exhibited two distinct redshifts. Velocity breaks, or discontinuities, occured at the nuclei of these galaxies. Even more fascinating was the observation that the jump in redshift between the spiral arms always tended to be around 72 kilometers per second, no matter which galaxy was considered.


and Setterfield does, too...

However, when it is considered that the quantum jumps in redshift values have been observed to even go through individual galaxies [Tifft, 1977, p.31], it becomes apparent that the redshift can have little to do with either space-time expansion or galactic velocities through space...


So it seems that Tifft's older work is the source of this observation. Have these data been superceded or discredited since? I don't know. Maybe you could look into it.

If these data hold up, then a strictly Dopplerian interpretion of redshift is completely untenable. Therefore, galactocentrism based on redshift 'shells' falls apart.

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 Message 166 by Tranquility Base, posted 10-02-2002 3:47 AM Tranquility Base has not yet responded

Jagz Beach
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01-10-2004 12:19 AM

Beach Bump




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01-10-2004 12:38 AM
Reply to: Message 168 by Jagz Beach
01-10-2004 12:19 AM

Bad links
What was your point here.

All the links at the end go nowhere!

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 Message 168 by Jagz Beach, posted 01-10-2004 12:19 AM Jagz Beach has not yet responded

Jagz Beach
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01-10-2004 11:30 AM

I was looking up some information last night regarding red shifts and these were a couple of sites I decided to bookmark here until I had an opportunity to cross reference them... I apologize for stirring up static... It was late I was tired and it just seemed like a convenient thing to do at the time... Don't mind me I am just the villaige idiot trying to get a grip...

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