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Author Topic:   Biblical Creation / An Introduction
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Message 21 of 24 (10905)
06-03-2002 7:03 PM
Reply to: Message 18 by John Paul
05-29-2002 3:58 PM

Originally posted by John Paul:
John Paul:
I guess the people in the Bible didn't go to the bathroom either- I can't find it in the Bible saying they did.

Only a dolt would think that every detail is in the Bible.
How many whales were Created? How many plants?

There you have it, folks, from the source. JP stipulates that the ToE fits nicely into the bible & no explanations necessary. It was over the ancient Hebrews' heads anyway, so God kept the details to Himself.

Only a dolt would think otherwise.
Right, John Paul ?



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 Message 18 by John Paul, posted 05-29-2002 3:58 PM John Paul has not yet responded

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