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Author Topic:   What is "the fabric" of space-time?
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03-17-2008 4:05 PM
Reply to: Message 194 by johnfolton
03-17-2008 3:40 PM

Re: A bit of history.
If you sit in a spinning chair and put your hands out you will slow but bring your hands inward and you can feel your speed increasing.
Is not it supporting Newtonian gravity that something and not just nothing (the curvature of space) responsible?
This has nothing whatsoever to do with gravity. It's simple mechanics. It has absolutely nothing to do with gravity or spacetime.
If Einstein was totally right this should not be happening like if light is only just follow the curvature of space.
The spinning skater priciple just seems more supporting Newtonian gravity that a force other than nothing is speeding up or slowing down the skaters spin.
A spinning skater has nothing to do with relativity, Newtonian gravity, or bending light. It's nothing more than simple mechanics. The skater doesn't actually speed up, per se - he retains the same actual speed, but his rotations per second increase. If his hands fully extended are traveling at x m/s, they will still be traveling at x m/s when he retracts them. It's just that it takes less distance traveled to rotate fully if the circumference is smaller.
Two wheels of different sizes traveling at the same speed will have different rotational rates for the same reason.
P.S. It seems there is a bit of truth to both Einstein and Newton gravity. Is string theory about trying to explain the fabric of space time to bridge nothing (curvature of spacetime) and something(that mass energy cosmic strings are pulling inward) a real force part creating this curvature part within the fabric of space thru time)?
That something and not just nothing is bending light and not just nothing (curvature of space) is responsible when skater spins faster by bringing ones arms inward, etc ... !!!!!!!
Both Einstein and Newton were "right," it's just that Newtonian gravity is accurate at certain scales and not at others. It's still what we use for plotting space probe trajectories, because it's highly accurate at that scale.
I don't think you have a firm grasp of basic mechanics, Newtonian physics, or relativity. Nothing in your post is relevant to the topic.

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