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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   What is "the fabric" of space-time?
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07-13-2008 5:28 PM
Reply to: Message 313 by Son Goku
07-13-2008 8:55 AM

Re: the gravity of general relativity
You do not need to know everything to know something. Given what energy actually is, it is a trivial deduction that matter is not made of it, regardless of one's knowledge of the actual constituents of matter.
Matter is not made of energy, just as it is not made of angular momentum. Both are properties of matter.
energy is a generic term. matter is "potential energy" which is just energy in a conservative state.
there is nothing "real" outside of energy. no such thing as an "empty" space.
all space is filled with some form of energy, be it radiation, gravity and gravitational echo fields, or light, or more unknowns particles.
energy is very difficult to have a specific definition because of its super generic use.
the best way to understand energy, is that energy "is" in all things, either maintaining, enhancing , or waiting in a conserved state. nothing that is "real" exists without energy. that is "true reality".
we interpret energy by what we can see of it, with the best tools available to our senses. but our understanding of energy is probably very very small given the size of the universe and its workings both seen and unseen, which have a specific way of working. science is attempting to understand energy and its forms, uses, and reasons. but because of limitations and greed, we understand today a lot less than i believe we would if we did not have the greed factor.
money is the goal of science today, and unless its use-able knowledge that can be implemented or obtain funds; then it is not researched. i would like to say mankind would live long enough to try to discover and understand the purposes of all energies in their various forms, both conserved, or flowing freely, that by understanding there purposes, we could come to understand our own placement and reason in the wheel of all things.
however, i do not have any expectations, that our people, governments or scientists care for any knowledge that does not have the direct consequence of profit.
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keep your mind from this way of enquiry, for never will you show that not-being is

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