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Author Topic:   Creationist theory
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11-08-2006 4:03 PM
Reply to: Message 150 by nwr
11-08-2006 1:30 PM

Re: mainstream science getting round to creationism
Obviously these kind of equations allow for alternatives, and the freedom is between the material alternatives. On top of that one might well suppose that there are spiritual alternatives, such as pleasure and pain, love and hate, good and bad, which may look the same materially.

As explained in post 1, at a point where there is love, there might also be hate. The material doesn't predetermine whether or not there is love or hate. And we all know this is true, that people who do hateful things are guilty, because they could have done a nice thing in stead, given the exactsame material circumstances.

So at the flip of a coin one may choose heads, because one likes heads, or choose heads because one dislikes heads, and so the decision between heads or tails may be based on like or dislike, or other.

And when the coin is tossed it is decided heads or tails, and that decision in turn has it's spiritual owner, which we typically refer to as "chance" or God, but really we generally don't have the ultrasensitivity to relate to the spiritual owner of such a slight decision.

Mohammad Nur Syamsu

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