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Author Topic:   Standing Alone: the Great Pyramid
Dr Adequate
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03-03-2007 1:32 PM
Reply to: Message 66 by Cold Foreign Object
02-28-2007 5:52 PM

The Pillar Of Enoch
The Egyptian Book of the Dead calls the GP the "pillar of Enoch." They admit that they did not build it.

OK, let's clear a few things up.

First of all, the Egyptian Book of the dead does not mention the "pillar of Enoch". Here is a link to the Egyptian Book of the Dead

Second, no ancient writer ever used the phrase "pillar of Enoch". This phrase was invented by Freemasons * to describe the pillars which the Jewish historian Josephus described in Book I ch. ii v iii of his Antiquities. *

Third, there is no other testimony for these pillars except Josephus.

Now let's look at what Josephus wrote.

Now this Seth, [Adam's third son] when he was brought up, and came to those years in which he could discern what was good, became a virtuous man; and as he was himself of an excellent character, so did he leave children behind him who imitated his virtues. All these proved to be of good dispositions. They also inhabited the same country without dissensions, and in a happy condition, without any misfortunes falling upon them, till they died. They also were the inventors of that peculiar sort of wisdom which is concerned with the heavenly bodies, and their order. And that their inventions might not be lost before they were sufficiently known, upon Adam's prediction that the world was to be destroyed at one time by the force of fire, and at another time by the violence and quantity of water, they made two pillars, the one of brick, the other of stone: they inscribed their discoveries on them both, that in case the pillar of brick should be destroyed by the flood, the pillar of stone might remain, and exhibit those discoveries to mankind; and also inform them that there was another pillar of brick erected by them. Now this remains in the land of Siriad to this day. *

Some points to note in the account of Josephus:

* Josephus does not use the term "pillar of Enoch".

* Josephus says that the children of Seth made pillars. He does not say that the pillars were pyramids.

* Pyramids are not pillars. Josephus knew the word "pyramids", which he uses in book 2 chapter 9 of his Antiquities*. If he wanted to say that they were pyramids, he could have. He didn't; he said that they were pillars.

* Josephus does not say that the pillars were in Egypt, but "in the land of Syriad".

* Josephus knows and uses the word "Egypt", to describe Egypt, as when he discusses the captivity of the Jews*. The word "Syriad" appears nowhere else in Josephus, nor, it would seem, in the entire Classical corpus, describing Egypt or otherwise.

* No matter how many sons Seth had, they could hardly have built the Great Pyramid all by themselves.

* The pillar of stone, according to Josephus, should contain astronomical information and information about the pillar of brick. The Great Pyramid doesn't.

Even on your showing, it doesn't. You've been doing the wrong numerology.

There are further problems for creationists.

The first is that according to this account the pyramid was before the Flood. According to most creationists, the Flood was the cause of geological strata. Why isn't the GP buried?

The second is that the sedimentary rocks from which the GP is constructed contain fossils.


It's amazing how much wrongosity you've managed to cram into so few words.

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03-03-2007 8:26 PM
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03-03-2007 1:32 PM

The Pillar Of Enoch = The Pillar of Shu (99% certain).
First of all, the Egyptian Book of the dead does not mention the "pillar of Enoch". Here is a link to the Egyptian Book of the Dead

As we know, the so called 'Pillars of Enoch' were not built by Enoch himself, but by his son, Shem, and his descendants, the Shemians, and by their descendants, the Shemiemians. The Book Of the Dead references the 'Pillars of Shu' in several places. We can apply straight-forward Demskian Statistical Analysis to test whether these are the same pillars built by Shem, et. al.: Of the three letters in the name Shu, two are not just similar to but are actually identical to two of the letters in the name Shem. This establishes a 67% probability that the referenced pillars are the same. Further, There are six possible permutations of the letters s, h, and u and only one of these starts with sh. Also, there are 12 permutations of s, h, e, and m but only two of these (or 17%) start with sh. The probability that the pillars are one and the same (or one pair and the same) is the given by: 1 - (1 - .67)/6x6 = 0.99074074! Thus, having established with almost total certainty that the 'Pillars of Enoch' and the 'Pillars of Shu' are one and the same, we then see that the Egyptians, in their book of the dead, do attest that these pillars were NOT built by the Egyptians themselves, but by beings that they perceived to be of superior capabilities. I am sure that, given a little more time, I can prove the rest of Herepton's contentions with equally valid application of logic and rationality.

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 Message 76 by Dr Adequate, posted 03-03-2007 1:32 PM Dr Adequate has taken no action

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