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Author Topic:   YEC approaches to empirical investigation
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Message 134 of 303 (242789)
09-12-2005 11:55 PM
Reply to: Message 60 by Ben!
09-12-2005 12:15 PM

thanks for recognizing it!
Hi Ben,

Ben writes:

Well, that's not something she would want to do, if she's serious about actually finding an explanation of the flood consistent with known observation. She's got her work cut out for her, because she's doing the work of literally thousands of people. So I'm sure she tries to find alternatives that work for her such that she doesn't have to do all the work herself. I can see how that would lead to using discredited assertions.

Thanks for recognizing this. So many times I've encountered the "well, you asserted such-n-such, so you need to come up with a reasonable explanation of this or that geological feature (or genetic feature, or whatever)."

I'm a fast-food cashier. I make less than $10,000 per year. I'm developing arthritis at an alarming rate. I have a severely negative personal net-worth. What am I going to do? Go to the Grand Canyon? Go on fossil digs? Build a genetic research lab in my back yard?

The federal government funds all kinds of things -- but I bet it will not fund those endeavors. (Me to the federal bureaucrats: Hi, I'd like to try to overturn the evolution paradigm; I'm gonna need a few million to get going...)

All I can come close to affording is Google (and probably not even that for much longer). All Google can give me is the existing evolutionary interpretations of the evidence and the existing YEC explanations of the evidence.


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