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Author Topic:   YEC approaches to empirical investigation
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09-12-2005 6:37 PM
Reply to: Message 126 by Faith
09-12-2005 5:53 PM

Who do we want to debate with ....
but first it needs to be clearly seen by the science side here exactly how they are stacking the deck against the very people they claim they want to debate with.

As I commented in the other thread: you are not someone that I want to debate with: you are doing fine in your own world; you want to leave the schools; you don't pretend to be operating with the rigours of science.

Why should we care? Why should you bother here.

And if you think I don't understand your viewpoint you are probably wrong.

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 Message 126 by Faith, posted 09-12-2005 5:53 PM Faith has not yet responded

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