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Author Topic:   Okay to all Creationist: Here's some things for you to consider
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Message 2 of 7 (15121)
08-10-2002 12:56 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by acmhttu01_2006
08-09-2002 9:45 PM

Wouldn't you like to give a your reference rather than a seeming project of your own original inquiry?


--Also, it is not all too fun to rebute an entire article which branches into such a diversity of topics. Maybe you could pick your favorite 1-3 or so and we can go from there.

--Also, I see you have raided the forum with Talk.Origins material, you seem just as brainwashed as you would say the many YEC's that come in and quickly escape out of this forum. You can also take the time to explain why you think we are all mentally handicaped in that your posts are obviously not your own.


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08-10-2002 4:58 PM
Reply to: Message 3 by acmhttu01_2006
08-10-2002 11:24 AM

"I will see you later. No, it would not be fun to refute a whole article, when you can barely if at all answer any question to it to the satisfaction to me and to the scientific world. I would be scared to answer these questions if I did not believe in conventional science."
--I look forward to answering them to a much more sufficient degree than it is likely that you have heard. But yes, lets take them one at a time. You may start, it may also be nice to start this on a new created thread with a new more topical name for the question you may propose.


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